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My husband and I wanted to take our grandchildren to a presentable movie this summer, one suitable for their age group, and after searching online we were very disappointed in the words that were written beside each of the children's movies.  Below is what was written:


  • Mature Theme

  • Violence

  • Not Recommended for Young Children

  • Scary scenes

  • Cartoon Animation Action

  • Language may of...

God is the originator of the family unit and His plan for the home and family has always been that this would be an intimate environment where children acquire their basic personalities.  Where they learn the rules of conduct that make life livable for themselves and those with whom they come in contact.  Where they gain the wealth of knowledge they must have before they enter school.


The famil...

As parents, we must pause before we dive in to provide direction or assistance for our kids.  It is normal for us as Moms and Dads to want to remove hardship from them, but it is not in their best interests.  Life requires struggle in order for our kids to mature.

When we choose to remove problems from our kids' lives by making everything easier for them, rushing to their every request, fixing their boredom, making games...

Have you ever received parenting advice from other people who have never had kids?  While your kids are having a melt down or being disobedient, they come up with all kinds of ways you should handle it and yet they have never been a parent themselves.  It is so easy to give quick advice to someone else, when you have never gone through their problem.

Making mistakes in child rearing is inevitable, even with the most...

Angry people often come from angry families!

In angry families, nobody listens until you get angry; therefore, anger becomes a method of getting others to realize you are serious.  It becomes a method of getting your own way.  If you grew up in an angry household, you may think it is normal.

Have you ever been around families or couples that actually bicker with one another all the time?  They constantly throw out threats...

When you wake up in the morning does your mind immediately wander to how much you need to do today and how you are going to juggle everything to make sure everyone is happy? Can I make a suggestion? Give up on that idea! You and I will NEVER make everyone happy. It is not our responsibility.

People, are people, are people and if you and I allow it, we will be overwhelmed with their needs and wants to the point that we are burde...

One of the most familiar responses I hear from people when asked how they are doing is, "I'm hanging in there!"  Each time I hear this response I am reminded that as Christians, no where in the bible does it tell us to just hang in there.

Stress was originally an engineering term; NOW people are collapsing, not buildings.

We are built for a normal amount of stress; everyone has it, but I have listed a few unnecessary stressors...

An 8 year old girl was asked, "If you could give an invisible gift to someone you love, what would it be and to whom would you give it?"  She replied, "I would give the gift of time to my Mommy & Daddy - they are always too busy."

We can all spread ourselves too thin, taking on more than we can handle. What is it?  Are we afraid that if we take a moment of rest , we might discover that all our busyness is covering up a lack in...

When asking a few people in their twenties and thirties, "What did your parents do that made a significant difference in your life?" Never did they say they appreciated the fact that mom and dad bought them whatever they wanted or did everything for them.  What they most appreciated were the ways in which their parents had shaped their lives by letting them take on responsibility.  Not one said, "They made life easy for m...

Parents, take time to listen to your teen, you have the biggest influence on them.  If you don't hear the words they say and the subtle messages of what they wish they could say, you might not have any influence at all.

Young people seem to know so much more

than we give them credit for.

A few suggestions parents:

  • Teach your teen that it's okay to discuss and disagree.  Teens need to know that it is absolutely okay to di...

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