Truth changes you!

The number one strategy that we have allowed the enemy to use in our marriages for thousands of years is the spirit of division.  His entire intention is to effectively remove and sever a husband's relationship with his wife and a father's relationship with his children.

The couples that we support in marriage counseling almost always say it is the other persons fault.  If she would just.... If he would just.... He always doe...

What you and I allow in our relationships in the beginning

should be what we will be happy with permanently.

So often I see, especially women, so desperate to fit in and be accepted and approved of by others that they become addicted to approval.  When they feel unsure and shaky about themselves, they look for a "fix" - seeking out someone to comfort them and reassure them everything is all right and they are accepted.  People...


Fathers and Mothers have been positioned by God to have a powerful influence on their families. When you teach your children the importance of honor, you give them a head start for their future.

The word HONOR means something that is heavy, weighty and also valuable, gold, something you give top priority.

DISHONOR means something light or misty, steam, not valuable, unimportant, something that can be wiped...

In August, I had the privilege of marrying a beautiful couple that were so in love with each other and looked forward to their special day where they began their new life together.  Their hopes and dreams for their future are so promising and so bright.

When a couple first signs that marriage license, marriage couldn't seem to be any easier.  Young and in love, everything seems perfect in their world, that is until th...

One of the biggest problems in relationships is an abundance of criticism and a lack of edification.

Some of us have problems in our marriage and we could turn it around in less than a month if we would commit 30 days to fast every critical comment and just be quiet about it.

We have the power to do something about our future.  That power is located under our nose.  If there is any place in our life that we need to exercise di...

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Live Life Big!

Did you know that there is more to experience in life? 

You can have more joy, more peace,

& more victory! 


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