It's what you don't know that can hurt you, or what you know and don't apply!

"People perish for lack of knowledge - Hosea 4:6"

Truth changes you!

My husband and I wanted to take our grandchildren to a presentable movie this summer, one suitable for their age group, and after searching online we were very disappointed in the words that were written beside each of the children's movies.  Below is what was written:


Change is uncomfortable, it's unsettling and sometimes it is downright painful,

but in the long run, the alternative is often much, much worse.

Let's face the music, most of us are willing to change just enough to get away from our problems, but not enough to solve them....

Your soul is your mind, will, and emotions.  What you take in with your eyes affects your soul realm.    It is like a window pane, if it is colored, you see everything tinted with that color.  If you are looking out of a dingy glass, the whole world looks dingy.  Have...


How long am I going to hold onto yesterdays hurts, regrets, guilt, anger, shame and fear?

Is it benefiting my life in any way?

Am I going to give myself a life sentence OR would I like a get out of jail free card?

The Lord has already...

Over the past many years I have noticed a familiar pattern running through those who have come to me for counsel and support.  Many of them had seen victories in their past and were asking, "Why am I not walking in the same victories I used to walk in?  Life has a way...

Everything we are ever going to get from God, He has already given to us when we accepted Jesus Christ into our lives.  NOW, we need to activate what He has given us, so we can use what is rightfully ours.

If we allow the Word of God to lie dormant and don't activate it...

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Live Life Big!

Did you know that there is more to experience in life? 

You can have more joy, more peace,

& more victory! 


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