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Take Off The Mask Of Insecurity!

What you and I allow in our relationships in the beginning

should be what we will be happy with permanently.

So often I see, especially women, so desperate to fit in and be accepted and approved of by others that they become addicted to approval. When they feel unsure and shaky about themselves, they look for a "fix" - seeking out someone to comfort them and reassure them everything is all right and they are accepted. People that are insecure want and need the approval of others so much that they will do just about anything to get it.

Lets face it, a sense of security is something we all need and want!

If someone is addicted to approval, he or she will have an abnormal concern and an excessive number of thoughts about what people think of them. They will never know when someone is going to approve or disapprove of them, and just when they think they have it figured out that person changes their mind.

To some degree, we hide behind masks, trying to be accepted by everyone. Whatever we think people want us to be, we try to be to please them. This can be some what exhausting and it can cause anger and resentment towards those who we think are pressuring us. Whatever we are addicted to, we are controlled by, and as a result this affects many other areas of our lives. It will certainly steal our peace and joy. To escape this trap of pressure from others and ourselves, we must take control of our lives and begin following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will help us establish proper boundaries - when to say yes and when to say no. You and I cannot live without limits. Even Jesus rested - even He walked away from the demands of the people and made time for himself to be refreshed. The Holy Spirit will help us find true security in the unchanging approval of the Father. Let people know by your actions, that even though you would like their approval, you can live without it if you need to. Don't compromise what you know is right in your heart to gain the approval of others. The only approval you and I need is the Father's!

Choose now what you will be happy with later on!

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