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Life Requires Struggle

As parents, we must pause before we dive in to provide direction or assistance for our kids. It is normal for us as Moms and Dads to want to remove hardship from them, but it is not in their best interests. Life requires struggle in order for our kids to mature. When we choose to remove problems from our kids' lives by making everything easier for them, rushing to their every request, fixing their boredom, making games easier for them to win, giving more help then needed with difficult school assignments, and protecting them from being hurt, we set them up for failure in their future. To handle whats ahead in life for our kids, we need to be progressive by teaching them how to handle and overcome struggles. They need us to be responsive to them and yet firm at the same time. How do we do that? Encourage them by asking them questions and brainstorming, allowing them to solve their own problems. When they are faced with a difficult situation, rather than protecting them from it, walk them through it and teach them along the way how to handle it. Allow them to have emotions, to feel , to hurt, to feel sadness, pain and discomfort, along with lots of joy and peace.


Our culture has changed significantly since I was in school. If I got a bad grade or failed, or got into trouble, my parents would support the teacher's decision and insist that I work harder and they would also have a consequence in place that I definitely didn't like. It didn't even cross my parents mind that it was the teachers fault.

Today, we look for ways to blame someone else, so we don't have to look in the mirror at our own lack. We say every kid must be a winner or get the great grade, even if they didn't earn it or learn it. Obviously this isn't how real life works after childhood.

We have been given the privilege of raising our children the best we can, so let's take every opportunity to develop their God given abilities and allow them to take risks and sometimes fail, so they can build emotional muscle to handle their failure and be prepared for their future!

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