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God is the originator of the family unit and His plan for the home and family has always been that this would be an intimate environment where children acquire their basic personalities. Where they learn the rules of conduct that make life livable for themselves and those with whom they come in contact. Where they gain the wealth of knowledge they must have before they enter school.


The family is also the child's primary moral and spiritual instruction center. It is here that children internalize the values that guide their attitudes and behavior as they mature to adulthood. It is here that they receive their first and most lasting impressions concerning their own identity, the worth and dignity of others, and how to relate properly to others. The home is also where the child develops an understanding of God and spiritual truths. A nation is hard to brainwash when most of its people are from stable families that have imparted to them a sense of security, independence, unique traditions, strong values, and a variety of wholesome attitudes on every facet of life.

Does this give you a glimpse into why marriages and families are under such great attack?

I want to alert you to what the enemies of the home have been up to in our nation and in our community. Their tracks are to be seen everywhere you turn.

  • Turning children against their parents by convincing them their elders are old-fashioned, ignorant, or out of touch with the realities of modern society.

  • Encouraging sexual promiscuity as both healthy and fashionable - and ridiculing sexual purity as something for the wallflower and the prude.

  • Promoting divorce as an acceptable and common place solution to marital problems, adultery as psychologically helpful to marriage, and fidelity as stuffy and oppressive.

  • Promoting governmental policies whose effect is to force more wife-mothers out of the home and into the job market.

  • Promoting the attitude that children are a nuisance, rather than a gift of God.

  • Striving, by subtle brainwashing and direct intimidation, to win acceptance for homosexuality and other forms of perversion as mere "alternate life-styles" or the marks of intelligence or social smartness.

  • Promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, and pornography.

  • Eroding the religious base, sanctity, and moral significance of marriage, robbing the family of its sense of permanence and its spiritual effectiveness.

In general, people don't know what to do with the confusing advice that they are getting from many different sources. THE TRUTH IS the bible is FULL OF INSTRUCTIONS for the family and how it should operate. I personally think that we would be wise to listen to the person who created the family and the institution called marriage. He just might know what HE is talking about!

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