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If I Would Have Only Listened

How many times in our life have we said, "If I would have only listened, if I would have only asked about that person, that relationship, that career, that job, that college...." James 1:19. Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. Proverbs 18:13. To answer before listening - that is folly and shame. Yesterday can never be relived, however God can help us recover and give us new opportunities, even though some of the scars that we have in life are because we did not ask the right questions or listen to the proper counsel.

There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth, and that is to listen twice as much as we talk. It takes skill to be a good listener. I'm still working on it! Jesus said over and over again, let him who has an ear, HEAR what the Spirit of God is saying. Throughout the Bible the Word of God clearly reveals that it is God's will for men and women to hear His voice. In John 10, we see what Jesus taught His disciples about hearing and knowing His voice. When we fail to listen to God, we open ourselves up to hearing other voices, to being deceived. The number one deception is always the same: We can make it through life on our own. We call this independence, but God calls it pride. Genuine listening is active, and involves putting our mind in gear to hear everything that is said as if it had meaning to the listener. This is how God calls us to listen to Him - actively. He wants our full and undivided attention. When you are born again, someone who is wise and good, righteous and holy, sanctifying and strengthening comes into your heart. As you listen to His voice and obey Him and learn to walk and talk with Him, His life and presence within you produce righteousness, peace and joy. There is no better person to listen to and get wise counsel from then JESUS!

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