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A New Day! A Fresh Start!

A New Day, A Fresh Start, always sounds so inviting, and it is,

IF we are willing to allow God to bring about a change in us.

Too often, we approach the New Year trying to bring about a change in ourselves with our own agenda. What if we asked God to join in and seek Him to discern how He wants things to move forward?


  • Am I afraid of the unknown?

  • Am I afraid of failure?

  • Am I afraid of success?

Why do we so often wait until a crisis arises before we admit that change is necessary? It’s almost as though we want to hold tightly to what’s familiar, rather than accept that change is not our enemy and let go to allow God to move and create change in our lives. Obviously, there are times when we’re uncertain about change. Even in the church, when we look ahead to a new year and make decisions for new programs, events and services, we can be tempted to hold onto the familiar. It’s no surprise that our emotions can come to the surface, driving our decisions, when we feel our comfort being challenged. It’s at these moments when we must check our hearts and ask those questions that can reveal the truth of our motives. After all, when Jesus walked the earth, He often brought about change. Consider when He was going against the procedures, rules and laws of the day, by speaking to the Samaritan woman. Even though Jesus was criticized, He was being obedient to the Father. When we’re facing change, what does our attitude look like? What if we, like Jesus, approached change with the anticipation of possibility? God may want to show Himself to us in ways we’ve never seen or experienced. He may want us to start with fresh purpose before our situation gets so difficult change is a necessity. He calls us all to be faithful to His plan. Let’s embrace it and see what’s going to come of it.

1 Corinthians 2:9 says, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those who love.

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