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A False Sense Of Responsibility

Does God approve of you and I enjoying our lives? In John 17:13 - Jesus said He wanted "His joy" to be made full and complete and perfect in us, and for us to experience His delight that His enjoyment would be perfected in our souls - that His gladness would be filling our hearts. Jesus is our resting place. We have joy when we stay in our place - get out of place and confusion rules rather than peace. Just like a little child finds rest in their parent's arms, a place of safety and peace, we too would be wise to stay connected to the vine, Christ Jesus.

John 15:1-11 - Jesus speaks of "abiding" and then says He has told us the reason you need to abide in Me is so your joy might remain in you and that your joy shall be full.

Peace is extremely important because it leaves us free to enjoy. No peace, No joy!

The misconception is that problem free days are the only ones we can enjoy. Wrong! We can have peace in the midst of challenges and disappointments. If you and I choose to believe and step into Psalm 91 and allow God to be who He says He is, our refuge, our fortress, and our strong tower, someone we can lean on and trust in when we face trials and temptations, He says He will deliver us from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.

During trouble, we need to do what we can do and then STAND!

A false sense of responsibility says: It would be unspiritual to ENJOY yourself while you enter God's rest and allow Him to solve your problems. It says you should at least worry and fret. It says you should run from person to person, getting advice because you must do something. It says you must figure it out and be prepared to tell people what you are going to do, or they will think you are not responsible.

The Battle Belongs To The Lord!

In II Chronicles 20:15-22 they were rejoicing and having a great time because they believed God was solving their problem. They were in their place, seated in heavenly places in Christ, and being seated with Him means to enter into His rest.

When we start believing, HE starts working!

Believing produces rest, joy and peace!

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