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Decision Making 'Keep It Simple'

Let's not be under the assumption that there is only one decision that you and I can make and still be within God's plan for us.

I don't believe the will of God for our life is limited to that one job or that one place where we could live or that one role in God's kingdom that we could fulfill. My understanding of God's will is that He wants us to yearn for the fulfillment of His purposes for mankind and to find where we fit into that picture. And there might be more than one role where we could fit.

Let's Not Make It Harder Than It Has To Be!

Some of the questions that come up frequently in my office are: "How do I know if this is what God wants me to do?", "Which University should I go to?", "Which career path should I take?" Let's consider a possible scenario. A 24 year old Christian is graduating with a bachelor of science in nursing. She has three job offers. Is there only one of those positions that is in God's will for her? Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly she is going to pray and ask God's direction. She is going to talk to those she trusts. And she is going to ask a few questions about those potential places of employment:

  • Is there one place that fits my skill better?

  • Is there one place where I could reach my God-given potential?

  • Is this decision about how I can best serve God and mankind, or is this purely what's in it for me?

I believe God gives us the freedom to make choices. As long as she does the best she can do and stays consistent with God's heart and His character - God wants to give her the desires of HER HEART whichever decision she makes. A desire to follow His call is the most important aspect to the search. God's grace gives us some breathing room.

If we concentrate on being who God wants us to be,

then doing what He wants us to do should come naturally.

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