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On The Job Training

A Salute To All Mothers!

Being a mother is a career that no college can prepare you for and no book can fully educate you on. We all learn through "on the job training."

It takes an incredible amount of resources, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to be a wife, mother, care for a home, and in many cases hold a job.

Mothers have a unique and crucial role

in the lives of their children.

Children's very existence needs to be the central focus of the family. Giving attention to their need for love, nurturing, support, tutoring, supervision, discipline, regular family meals, and just plain fun will make the difference in how they succeed in life.

Let's face it Moms, there is a price to pay, but the rewards are great.

There is no "quality time" that can be set aside for important communications. It is a continual process of opportunities and surprises, and those memorable moments show up when least expected within a quantity of time spent together.

We must be present as much as possible.

I want to encourage you as women - whether you are a full-time mother, a working woman, a single mom or both - you are performing one of the greatest tasks ever to be tackled - embrace it, accept it, and decide to be happy in it.

One of the most important things a Mom can do in front of her kids, is to love, respect and honor the child/children's father. Your children are watching what you do, and how you do it. You are shaping their future with your words and attitudes - what they see and hear are what they become!

Mothers build people.

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