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The Blind Leading The Blind


While searching for our purpose and direction in life you and I need to be careful that we aren't running around following what everyone else is doing rather than what God is leading us to do.

Inside each one of us God has placed a desire, a vision, a dream, a passion that only we can fulfill. We are uniquely and wonderfully made. In Psalm 139 it shows God at work, creating us during the nine months before our birth. Our unique fingerprints and our DNA all bear witness that God was personally involved in our creation. According to verse 16 He gifted us to accomplish a particular destiny.

How do we find out what God wants us to do? First, make Jesus your Savior and Lord. He will then make your individual calling clear - in His way and in His perfect timing. We each have strengths and weaknesses, focus in on your strengths and develop your God given gifts. Press in, you will not receive it passively. In my life personally, I found that as I served and helped others, God's direction for my life unfolded. Whatever my hand found to do, I did it with all my might as unto the Lord. Everything in our life has potential, but we must develop it. It never develops itself. We all have a master passion. We can either master our passion or let our passion master us.

We cannot arrive at our life's purpose if we start by focusing on ourselves. We must begin with God our Creator. Colossians 1:16 "For everything, absolutely everything, above, visible and invisible,.... Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him."

Without a clear purpose in our life, we will have no foundation on which to base our decisions or allocate our time. The tendency will be to make choices based on our circumstances, pressures and our mood at that specific moment. Knowing our purpose keeps our life simple. It defines what we do and what we don't do.

We have enormous God-given potential. Our greatest satisfaction in life will come when we fulfill the purpose we were created for.

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