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Recognize The Warning Signs

Warning signs are all around us and they are put in place for our direction and protection.

We live in such a fast paced world. People in general, are running their lives at an unprecedented

speed, spreading themselves too thin, taking on more than they can handle, burning the candle at both ends; while bypassing the natural and spiritual warning signs regarding their health, their relationships, their children and their walk with God.

Rather than heeding the warning signs above, this is what I perceive to be happening.

1. When our body is in pain, we just take a pill to cover up the symptom and keep on going. When our mind is under mental stress, we take a muscle relaxant, when we can't sleep, we take a sleeping pill. Pain is an indicator, a sign, that something is out of balance. Our body is talking to us saying: "feed me something healthy, get me more sleep, get me more exercise, lose me some weight." 2. Husbands and wives are living in the same house and yet they are so independent of each other, that they no longer recognize each other's needs. The distance between them spreads wider and wider, until one day they wake up realizing that they hardly know each other any more. 3. When our children end up with more energy then we can handle, we take them to the Doctor and get a prescription to keep them calm. Sometimes they are acting out because of the lack of attention they are receiving or they are struggling with how to express themselves. This may be a sign they are craving love and attention. Could this excessive energy possibly have something to do with what they are eating? Could it be partially that they just need a place to go and run off some of this energy? (Please note in the above statement I am making a general observation, I am not talking about Diagnosed Medical Conditions.) 4. In general, our relationship with God has taken a slide downward as we have placed other things on our agenda ahead of Him. A far cry from what the Word of God says to do in Matthew 6:33 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." If these warning signs are ignored long enough, we will surely end up on a dead end road going nowhere. When things break and fall apart, we call out to God and question Him, when in fact He had given us many warning signs along the way, saying:

"Spend some time in prayer"

"Fellowship with Me"

"Slow up a bit"

"Take time with your family"

"Confront that issue"

"Change your eating habits"

"Invest some time into your marriage"

"Don't procrastinate - putting things off until tomorrow"

Pay attention to the little nudges that you get, that still small voice on the inside of you that will lead and guide you into ALL TRUTH. Yield yourself, obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit. God loves us so much and gives only His best to us. When He gives us instructions through His Word, (the Bible), or He speaks to us by His spirit on the inside, it is always to bring us increase, to bless our lives, never to bind us, always to set us free!

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