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Life Defining Moments

Each one of us over the years have had times in our lives where we have had life defining moments, where we made important decisions, that if you would have asked us back then, were we making the right decision, we would have answered YES. We were sure these decisions would take us down a good path, later to find out that we didn't have the correct information needed to make an informed decision, or we were naïve to the fact that what people told us wasn't always accurate.

The Bible says, "People perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6. It's what you don't know that can hurt you, or what you do know and don't apply.

I have talked with many women that came to me seeking help because of the direction their lives ended up taking, disappointed, discouraged and depressed with where they ended up.

"Why is my life so difficult? Everything I do just seems to be falling apart all around me," they would say.

As we would talk, a common thread throughout each person's life was conflict, strife and division and it was affecting their life, leaving them wounded. In devastation, they were blind to the fact that this was the root of their problem. It was easier for them to blame others, not realizing that they could say yes or no to conflict and strife. Instead of keeping strife out, they fed off of their feelings and emotions, all the time wondering why their life was so difficult. Conflict, strife and division has the power to end a marriage, bring confusion to our children, push away our friends and co-workers, destroy our health, and steal our peace of mind and heart.

The Good News Is: Jesus gave us His peace for our protection.

We are to "hold" our peace and "let peace be the umpire" in every situation. Col. 3:15 & Exod. 14:14. God wants our lives to be free of division; He wants us to live in peace with each other.

Resist strife! Strife is bickering, arguing, heated disagreement, or an angry undercurrent. Confront strife! Put it on the run - it will bring destruction if not confronted. The Bible has a lot to say about strife and contention. The apostle James wrote "For wherever there is jealousy, envy, and contention, there will also be confusion and all sorts of evil and vile practices" James 3:16. Strife leads to resentment, bitterness or hatred, and strife not dealt with, will destroy and devastate. Today, the Ebola outbreak caused many to be alarmed - as it was a deadly outbreak. The department of Health would place the household in quarantine. No one would be allowed in or near the house for fear they would come in contact with the deadly virus/disease. Strife spreads like an infection or a highly contagious disease, just like Ebola, many will become contaminated and affected by it. We need to be just as serious about the effects of strife, as we are with the Ebola outbreak!

Could strife be the infection or disease affecting your life,

causing it to go into a downward spiral?

Is the atmosphere peaceful or tense?

Everyday we are presented with opportunities to make choices, check your attitude and just decide to eradicate strife out of your life by embracing peace.

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