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I Think, I Feel, I Want!

What percentage of the decisions we make are based on how we feel? "I didn't feel like it, so I didn't do it." "I felt like it - so I did", "if it's good, do it" and if it doesn't feel good, avoid it". Impulse buying, "I see it and I've got to have it". Are you and I just living our life on our emotion?

  • Wanting wealth without work

  • Success without sacrifice

  • Weight loss without diet

  • Good looking bodies, without exercise

  • Changed lives without strong messages

People who want pleasure NOW, will never reach their goals!

I read an article one time and this quote stood out to me, "Too many people are like wheelbarrows, trailers, or canoes. They need to be pushed, pulled or paddled."

The easiest thing for all of us to do is to take the path of least resistance because it is comfortable and it feels good, however, it just doesn't bear any good fruit in our lives, leaving us complacent, and with no vision or direction.

Being decisive is important for our life. Every accomplishment small or great, starts with a decision. Too many of us can go through life not knowing what we want, but feeling sure that we don't have it. Sometimes we would rather trust our feelings than the voice of wisdom. We pursue relationships despite little internal warnings and the concerns of people who love us. We jump into business with someone because we so badly want to believe that their get-rich-quick scheme will work. The bible teaches us that wisdom is the principle thing, therefore, get wisdom and then get understanding for the daily decisions we need to make. According to James 1:5, the best way to get the wisdom you need is to ask for it. It says , "If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you." If you and I are open, wisdom is not difficult to find, but we must be willing to ask and then listen. There are over 7000 promises in the bible. Dream upon a promise based on the Word of God. Don't look at your own resources or your own talent. You and I never really trust God until we attempt something that we cannot do in our own strength.


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