It's what you don't know that can hurt you, or what you know and don't apply!

"People perish for lack of knowledge - Hosea 4:6"

Truth changes you!

Change is uncomfortable, it's unsettling and sometimes it is downright painful,

but in the long run, the alternative is often much, much worse.

Let's face the music, most of us are willing to change just enough to get away from our problems, but not enough to solve them....

People are crying out for freedom everywhere in our world today trying to fill the empty void within them and bring a sense of peace into their life.

What does it mean to be FREE?  I believe true freedom is from within - a feeling deep in my spirit that affects every...

An addiction is something that controls us - it is something we feel we cannot live without, or something we feel driven to do in order to relieve pressure, pain, or discomfort of some kind.

The substance that we are addicted to helps relieve our pain momentarily, but...

Years ago, during  hockey season, my husband and I went on many bus trips to attend our son's hockey games.  The bus was full of exuberant, loud, 8 year old boys and their parents.  Week after week, we would hear this one particular Mom constantly yelling at her little...

January 1st of each new year seems to bring hope to so many of us because it represents a new start and a new beginning, however if we carry the bricks from our past relationships into the new year, we will end up building the same house that we did last year.

The defin...

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Live Life Big!

Did you know that there is more to experience in life? 

You can have more joy, more peace,

& more victory! 


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