It's what you don't know that can hurt you, or what you know and don't apply!

"People perish for lack of knowledge - Hosea 4:6"

Truth changes you!

Angry people often come from angry families!

In angry families, nobody listens until you get angry; therefore, anger becomes a method of getting others to realize you are serious.  It becomes a method of getting your own way.  If you grew up in an angry household, you m...

Do you continually find yourself saying, "I wish I never got angry, I wish I never got impatient, I wish I never felt offended, I wish I never felt bad, I wish I never felt sad?"  Even when you prayed and tried to believe God, some of those negative emotions would just...

Many times the struggles we are going through are things going on in us that we need to just admit and quit.

The antidote for some of our life problems comes down to personal discipline.  All of us want to be disciplined, but sometimes we just go about it the wrong wa...

As long as we are alive, we are always in the race of life, it is up to us on how we choose to run it.

Some people when they try out for a team, they will bust their butts during the tryouts in order to make the team, they run the extra lap, ask the coach for advice,...

Helicopter Parenting Is When You Hover Over Your Children IN EXCESS,

By Over Protecting, Over Controlling & Over Perfecting.

This is a comment I heard one young lady make - "The number one worst thing my parents (more so my mother) did that caused me difficulty later on...

Have you ever been in a store and  heard a parent yelling at their little one saying, "Don't touch that, I told you not to touch that, get over here."  Repeating it over and over and over again, meanwhile the child is touching everything in sight, completely ignoring t...

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Live Life Big!

Did you know that there is more to experience in life? 

You can have more joy, more peace,

& more victory! 


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